Artificial Reefs of the Florida Gulf Coast




Florida's Most Wanted Artificial Reefs

Florida Gulf Coast

Hernando County to Collier County

The reefs listed below feature a ship, barge, army tank, or airplane and represent the most interesting artificial reefs found in this area. 

Reef NameCountyLatitudeLongitudeDepth
Danger ReefCharlotte26.7592333382.1861166712
Palm Island Barge ReefCharlotte26.8203582.5313166756
Palm Island Ferry ReefCharlotte26.820682.5325166755
Tremblay Reef BargeCharlotte26.8069166782.3775166742
Collier 5 Mile ReefCollier25.8649333381.7964666731
Gordon Pass 5 Mile ReefCollier26.0905666781.8949666725
Marco Island 5 Mile ReefCollier25.8647333381.7995166730
Pavilion Key 6 Mile ReefCollier25.682781.463517
Santa LuciaCollier26.089881.8437666724
Wiggins Pass 45 Mile ReefCollier26.2911581.9194166731
Bendickson Reef Tanks 1Hernando28.5276666782.9788333326
Bendickson Reef Tanks 10Hernando28.5276666782.9786666726
Bendickson Reef Tanks 2Hernando28.52982.9791666726
Bendickson Reef Tanks 3Hernando28.5298333382.979526
Bendickson Reef Tanks 4Hernando28.5291666782.9771666726
Bendickson Reef Tanks 5Hernando28.528582.9781666726
Bendickson Reef Tanks 6Hernando28.5276666782.97726
Bendickson Reef Tanks 7Hernando28.5291666782.977833338
Bendickson Reef Tanks 8Hernando28.5288333382.9791666726
Bendickson Reef Tanks 9Hernando28.52782.97726
Jim Champion ReefHernando28.6073582.9411520
Port Tampa SiteHillsborough27.8608333382.56424
Arc ReefLee26.4150833382.4115166760
Blandas ReefLee26.4197582.3183333345
Gh ReefLee26.3431833381.9539833330
Helens BargesLee26.6322166782.2860166730
Paces Place Barge ReefLee26.5194833382.2825333334
Pegasus TugboatLee26.5521666782.7235833385
Power Pole ReefLee26.6826166782.374545
Redfish Pass Reef 1Lee26.5608833382.2366526
Redfish Pass Reef 2Lee26.5583166782.242824
Shermans Reef BargeLee26.5479582.4155166760
Shirley D Shrimp BoatLee26.5489833382.4139333360
Vixen WreckLee26.547382.4132166760
Wildmans ReefLee26.5196166782.284136
7 Mile South Reef Site C0007Manatee27.4438833382.8199166741
Misener BargeManatee27.5446333382.845125
County Site 1Pasco28.2791666782.957525
County Site 1Pasco28.296183.0182166739
County Site 1 Buoy PPasco28.2511666782.9575333325
County Site 1 Buoy SPasco28.255382.9575333325
County Site 10Pasco28.2939583.0180539
County Site 2Pasco28.2922583.0183333335
County Site 3Pasco28.2833333383.0166666739
County Site 4Pasco28.2955833383.0187166739
County Site 5Pasco28.2951583.0175539
County Site 6Pasco28.2833333383.0166666739
County Site 7Pasco28.2940166783.0176539
County Site 8Pasco28.2940166783.018139
County Site 9Pasco28.2938666783.0181539
County Site Barge 2Pasco28.2938333383.0181666740
County Site Tank 2Pasco28.2961333383.018139
Reef Site 1Pasco28.2552666782.9539166728
Clearwater ReefPinellas28.0158333382.89527
North County ReefPinellas28.0496666783.0125545
North County Reef CenterPinellas28.049683.012242
Pinellas Ii BlackthornPinellas27.8761666783.18880
Pinellas South Reef 110Pinellas27.7227166782.976450
Pinellas South Reef 114Pinellas27.7231333382.9770333350
Pinellas South Reef 75Pinellas27.7222582.9747550
Pinellas South Reef 80Pinellas27.7229166782.9741666745
Rube Allyn NorthPinellas27.9357583.0225333347
Shrimp Boat ReefPinellas27.6958583.2926166797
St Pete Beach Site 10Pinellas27.6768333382.8633333325
St Pete Beach Site 2Pinellas27.6788333382.8638333325
St Pete Beach Site 3Pinellas27.6786666782.8638333325
St Pete Beach Site 4Pinellas27.678582.8638333325
St Pete Beach Site 5Pinellas27.6781666782.863525
St Pete Beach Site 6Pinellas27.6781666782.8636666725
St Pete Beach Site 7Pinellas27.678582.8636666725
St Pete Beach Site 8Pinellas27.6786666782.8636666725
St Pete Beach Site 9Pinellas27.678582.86425
Veterans ReefPinellas28.0494833383.0140540
Veterans Reef CenterPinellas28.0496666783.0123542
Veterans Reef PlanePinellas28.0474666783.0118833344
Veterans Reef WingPinellas28.0476583.0124666744
Lynn Silvertooth Site 39Sarasota27.2848166782.5992333330
M8 Site Reefex 10Sarasota27.2114166782.8031333363
M8 Site Reefex 6Sarasota27.210882.8027333363
M8 Site Reefex 7Sarasota27.2104666782.8034166763
M8 Site Reefex 8Sarasota27.2104582.8034560
M8 Site Reefex 9Sarasota27.2100333382.8032333363
M9 Site Reefex 1Sarasota27.0725666782.7005563
M9 Site Reefex 2Sarasota27.072382.6996666765
M9 Site Reefex 3Sarasota27.0725666782.700663
M9 Site Reefex 4Sarasota27.0722166782.7006833364
M9 Site Reefex 5Sarasota27.0730166782.7011333364
Md1 BSarasota27.1572666782.8867833378

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