Artificial Reefs of the North Florida Atlantic Coast





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Florida's Most Wanted Artificial Reefs

Northern Florida Coast

Nassau County to Palm Beach County

The reefs listed below feature a ship, barge, army tank, or airplane and represent the most interesting artificial reefs found in this area. 

Reef NameCountyLatitudeLongitudeDepth
Brevard Reef 1Brevard28.3086580.4498554
Brevard Reef 2Brevard28.3102333380.4504166760
Brevard Reef SiteBrevard28.4071166780.2785560
Lead WreckBrevard28.3898580.2887333370
Lois Dubois ReefBrevard28.4505666780.09218333170
Shelby LeeBrevard28.3186166780.20028333124
Steel Nasa Test Fixture Cylinder 135Brevard28.3338666780.20283333124
Steel Sailboat 35Brevard28.4989833380.21065120
Sufix IBrevard28.3341666780.20278333110
Tiger RedBrevard28.3652166780.2777833385
Titan Experimental ReefBrevard28.3332580.20233333124
AH Site 95 PillboxesDuval30.4726666781.100570
AH Site BargeDuval30.5418333381.05980
AH Site PillboxesDuval30.4721666781.10180
AH Site Tug MonachanDuval30.4781666781.0816666780
Bb Site Bus Stop BargeDuval30.4313581.1507565
Bb Site Carpet BargeDuval30.4336666781.174548
Bb Site MorantzDuval30.428581.1488333365
Bb Site Old Gibbs DrydockDuval30.4311666781.1388333354
Bb Site Wooden TugDuval30.4318333381.1358333354
Br Site Barge 1Duval30.3636666780.83816667104
Br Site FerryDuval30.3623333380.833106
Br Site N BargeDuval30.3643333380.83733333105
Br Site Tug 1Duval30.3613333380.8427105
Br Site Tug 2Duval30.3641666780.8405104
Bunnies Web BwDuval30.17481.2471666749
Ch Site North TugDuval30.3093333381.0726666780
Ch Site South TugDuval30.3083333381.0726666782
Epv Site BargeDuval30.2146833381.0792166775
Hh Reef 1Duval30.5781833381.1413666775
Hh Reef 2Duval30.575381.1319333367
Hh Site Shark BargeDuval30.6280833381.0786333377
Hl Site HugginsDuval30.3728666780.9001333390
Jw Site Mtc 120 BargeDuval30.2718333381.22669
Mg Site TugDuval30.3021666781.1151666775
Mr SiteDuval30.4368333381.2163166766
Mr Site BargeDuval30.4478333381.224565
Mr Site Bills BargeDuval30.4626666781.2383333361
Mr Site East BargeDuval30.4451666781.2211666765
Mr Site MaxiesDuval30.4213333381.207562
Mr Site RelianceDuval30.44181.22168
Mr Site TugDuval30.4439581.2175666765
Mr Site Upsidedown BargeDuval30.430581.2231666765
Nhl Site PowerfullDuval30.4180.89986
Nm Site BargeDuval30.4028333381.1766666758
Nm Site Barge 80Duval30.38881.1751666758
Nm Site Fishing BoatDuval30.4063333381.1628333363
Nm Site Nm BargeDuval30.3891333381.17768
Nm Site Tar BargeDuval30.392581.1711666758
Nm Site TugDuval30.3903333381.1736666770
Nm Site TugboatDuval30.3948333381.1716666763
Nm Site Vics BargeDuval30.38881.1746666758
Nss Site CoppedgeDuval30.2893580.9647833380
Osj Site DrydocksDuval30.1176666780.5595125
Pg Site Barge 85Duval30.3386666781.196573
Pg Site Pillboxes 82Duval30.3381666781.1973333373
Pm Site Banana And Pogey BoatsDuval30.3364833381.1859333372
Pm Site Navy BargeDuval30.3298333381.1846666772
Pm Site North BargeDuval30.337581.1858333372
Pm Site South 1TugDuval30.3305581.1829166775
Rl Site BargeDuval30.5343333381.1618333368
Tr Site AnnaDuval30.461880.9295110
Tw Site BargeDuval30.5111666780.939790
Tw Site TugDuval30.4922833380.9599166786
Al Sirotkin ReefMartin27.2041666780.047680
Bill Donaldson ReefMartin27.2100166780.1014833360
Bill Donaldson Reef OwlMartin27.2116666780.1014557
Bull Shark BargeMartin27.1373333380.122543
Cement BargeMartin27.2106580.1099833361
Donaldson Reef 1Martin27.2004333380.0949166758
Donaldson Reef 2Martin27.2325580.111865
Donaldson Reef 3Martin27.2227333380.1159833362
Ernst Reef CornerMartin27.1566580.0544166772
Ernst Reef NorthMartin27.1565833380.055271
Ernst Reef SouthMartin27.155280.0537571
Landing Craftsirotkin ReefMartin27.2142666780.0338333380
Lc6Landing Craftguardian ReefMartin27.2159833380.1133833360
Schooner ReefMartin27.2002666780.1544515
Tension Barge 13Martin27.2254580.00435190
Traffic Barge Guardian ReefMartin27.2151166780.1133333358
Tree BargeMartin27.2236580.0045182
USS RankinMartin27.1888666780.02385140
Wickstrom ReefMartin27.2248666780.0053188
Fernandina Banks BarbettNassau30.6096666781.1763333370
Sahlmans Gulley BargeNassau30.668681.1593333360
Whittakers Snapper Hole BargeNassau30.6453166781.2106833365
Whittakers Snapper Hole TugNassau30.6556333381.2312333360
AmaryllisPalm Beach26.7883333380.01680
Ande ReefPalm Beach26.78879.99233333180
Becks ReefPalm Beach26.4811666780.0391666780
Boyton Kiwanismiller Lite ReefPalm Beach26.55480.01766667201
Bud BarPalm Beach26.4791666780.038585
Classic Barge P1Palm Beach26.7903333379.985275
Classic Barge P6Palm Beach26.7883333379.98966667235
Cross Current BargePalm Beach26.761580.02161
EidsvagPalm Beach26.76780.0083333380
Esso BonairePalm Beach26.9641666780.00890
Firehock Memorial ReefPalm Beach26.7507833380.009985
Gilbert SeaPalm Beach26.7531833380.0103666790
Hydro AtlanticPalm Beach26.3248333380.05066667165
Lake Worth InletPalm Beach26.7893333380.0166666770
Mg111 BargePalm Beach26.9778333380.0248333360
Miss JennyPalm Beach26.9638333380.0073333390
MizpahPalm Beach26.7863333380.01680
Murpghy Ii BargePalm Beach26.8021666780.0183333375
Mv CastorPalm Beach26.4788333380.03713333109
Mv Zion TrainPalm Beach26.9630333380.0073333390
Princess AnnePalm Beach26.7763833379.9901833397
RaticanPalm Beach26.9468333379.9937833390
Research Team ReefPalm Beach26.7893333380.0166666770
Sea EmperorPalm Beach26.32280.05965
Sea Mist IiPalm Beach26.9581333379.9851210
Shasha BoekanierPalm Beach26.7512333380.009990
Spearmans BargePalm Beach26.7931666780.0058333370
St JacquesPalm Beach26.7519166780.0102590
SwordfishPalm Beach26.4783333380.0388333380
ThozinaPalm Beach26.7516666780.0098333390
Three TugsPalm Beach26.97680.0163333370
Tso ParadisePalm Beach26.7631666780.021555
United CaribbeanPalm Beach26.3211333380.0589833370
Dorothy Louise BargeSt. Johns29.9383333380.9566666770
Inner Airplane SiteSt. Johns29.8497580.9807584
Intruder Reef 1St. Johns29.903180.7502105
Intruder Reef 2St. Johns29.9056580.80278333104
Navy DrydockSt. Johns30.126880.5595125
Nine Mile ReefSt. Johns29.8916666781.1316666763
Outer Plane Reef AirplaneSt. Johns29.834580.9608333378
Outer Plane Reef ShipSt. Johns29.8463333380.9476666778
50 Inshore Reef SiteSt. Lucie27.4366580.1557666753
Beverly M ReefSt. Lucie27.3925333380.0098166758
Ft Pierce Artificial ReefSt. Lucie27.481580.2738333310
Ft Pierce Fish HavenSt. Lucie27.4441833380.1725166751
Ft Pierce Tug Artificial ReefSt. Lucie27.3966666780.03333333186
Ken M ReefSt. Lucie27.407480.02138333124
Muliphen ReefSt. Lucie27.4055166780.00561667185
Stans Reef 1St. Lucie27.4055666779.99468333190
Tug ReefSt. Lucie27.4048666779.99413333212
Two Barges ReefSt. Lucie27.4441666780.1716666742
Port Authority Site 1Volusia29.118580.6931666775
Port Authority Site 2AVolusia29.1561333380.6716666780
Port Authority Site 2BVolusia29.158980.6737166775
Port Authority Site 2CVolusia29.1533333380.6753333380
Port Authority Site 3AVolusia29.1951666780.7456666780
Port Authority Site 3BVolusia29.193880.7467333380
Port Authority Site 3CVolusia29.280.7476666780
Port Authority Site 3DVolusia29.195580.7488333380
Port Authority Site 3EVolusia29.189580.750580
Port Authority Site 4AVolusia29.3196580.7421666780
Port Authority Site 4BVolusia29.3208333380.7446666780
Port Authority Site 4CVolusia29.3199666780.7461666784
Port Authority Site 4DVolusia29.3231666780.7473333380
Port Authority Site 7Volusia29.02180.6838333370
Port Authority Site 9Volusia29.3541666780.36233333135

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