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Florida's Most Wanted Artificial Reefs

The waters surrounding Florida provide some of the best recreational fishing and diving opportunities in the world. This listing includes only a select few of the many reefs and fishing spots available for serious enthusiasts or even the most casual recreational pursuits. All of the 596 artificial reefs listed here feature a ship, barge, army tank, or airplane.

Each reef location page includes the following:

Reefs of the North Florida Atlantic Coast
Reefs of South Florida and the Florida Keys
Reefs of the Florida Gulf Coast
Reefs of the Florida Panhandle
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Some locations may be in a close relative position to other reefs or reef materials, which may or may not be listed here.  Reef information is not verified by the author and not updated as frequently as the master list from which it is derived. For the most complete and up to date information for these and many additional reefs in these waters, consult the official Florida Artificial Reef Web Site at Myfwc.com.

Coordinates are not guaranteed to be accurate. Some coordinates have been derived from LORAN and may not reflect the current reef position as reported by GPS. Reefs and reef features may or may not be in the reported position due to the effect of time, weather, storms, and currents.

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